About Us

BizCard Xpress is the new face of business services, offering literally everything a business needs in one convenient location, and with one very important distinction; we are considerably faster and less expensive than all of the “competition”, because we have proven time and again, that we are unique in our field, and much more customer oriented and diversified.
The concept opened its’ first store in 1985 and pioneered the 1 Hour Business Card.  BizCard Xpress was born.  Busy people were now able to get their custom designed and printed business cards super fast and at unbeatable prices.  Our customers were always beyond satisfied and the word spread.  This popularity eventually prompted us to franchise our concept in late 2009.
In February of 2013, Bizcard Xpress opened its’ first store in Virginia in Virginia Beach.  Locally owned and operated, Chip and Colleen Cohen brought their Subway franchise knowledge and experience to the concept and are ready to serve you and your needs.  “When you visit our store, you’ll see for yourself the broad range of business services that we offer.  Virtually everything that you need to succeed is available in less time and for less money, all conveniently bundled into one visit.”
From copies to brochures, banners and signs, BizCard Xpress offers every conceivable item for promoting your business, event, personal product or invention with over 800,000 promotional items and every conceivable form of printing, sign, decal, or T-shirt.  We are ready to help.

Business at the speed of life!  Look for the bright Green Van!